Dana Claire Snyder

Blogger, Personal Chef and Professional Food Taster 

Hi! Welcome to Noisy Cookies!  I'm so glad you found (stumbled upon) me!  I am Dana Claire Snyder and here on Noisy Cookies I’ll be sharing my favorite recipes and all the sensational stories behind them as well as reviews and demystifications of recipes that I am currently eating, cooking and crushing on. 


And to begin I’d like to first explain ‘Noisy Cookies’.  The story goes, my grandfather Gerhardt Abrath from Essen, Germany, would make Speculaas every year for Christmas. This recipe calls to be made by hand, on the counter top by the man of the house (I’m 100% serious.  It’s a very strict rule that no one else can make it or bad luck will rain down. Also, just realized that that sounds like the first line of a really good romance novel. Someone get on that. I must read it.). Once thoroughly mixed by hand by Paul Bunyan, it must chill overnight, if not for two to three days.  Then, once chilled, they are rolled out, cut with cookie cutters* of choice, washed in egg whites, sprinkled with color sugar and baked.  Then they must sit in a tightly covered tin for at least a few days.  This ‘curing’ was actually the more important part of the recipe since if you served these cookies when they were too ‘young’ you could distinctively taste it.  But nonetheless, after ‘curing’ these cookies, as any sane human can imagine, they turn quite hard. Like no-dentures-allowed hard. Maybe-hold-on-to-something-when-you-bite-into-them hard. Like holy sh*t hard. Anyway, when my mother was young she couldn’t quite get the German accent down and couldn’t pronounce Speculaas so instead, after eating a few of these cookies decided to call them ‘noisy cookies’ because when eating them you simply couldn’t hear a thing. Ah, the charm of a four-year-old lost in translation.  So, there you have Noisy Cookies.  


Although I hope these recipes (and writing!) aren’t quite as hard to bite, I do hope to share with you the lifelong love affair with food that these cookies, and their story have inspired. 


Between 28 years of cooking with my mother, hearing stories about my grandparents and 15 years in the restaurant business I can confidently say I am completely self-taught.  Just kidding!!  I wouldn’t be where I am today had it not been for my mother ardently deciding that I needed to learn to cook and had I never sucked at college enough to get 8 different restaurant jobs.


But, alas, here I am living in Bozeman, Montana with my kitchen helper dog Chili.  By day I am an office administrator for a small architecture firm, and by night I am a millennial with 8 thousand part time jobs. No! But really, I am starting a personal chef business, I bartend and cater for friends and work at an artisanal chocolatier.  So, yeah. I love food and have the energy of the energizer bunny. 


Aside from food, my other passions are traveling, writing and exploring the Rocky Mountains and I plan on writing about these adventures in future posts.  


Hope you enjoy and happy cooking!!


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